Our Team

Mike Weber (Supervisor/Owner)

Mike has been in the electrical trade since 1988. Mike started with a local company but spent about 12 years working with Houle Electric in Vancouver working on many different jobs. He was an A foreman on the Lions Gate Bridge rebuild and developed industrial and commercial proficiency. Mike has an extensive knowledge of alternate power including wind, solar and hydro electric (up to 30MW) which he has been researching, installing and bringing online for many years.  This coupled with ongoing residential experience has allowed us to tackle all types of electrical work with confidence. He straps on the tools and jumps in to help whenever he can!

Bobbi Weber (Administrator/Owner)

Bobbi graduated VCC as a legal secretary  She spent 10 years as a legal secretary before helping with the bookkeeping and office administration of Weber/McCall. 

Doug Hemingway (Manager/Owner)

Doug has been with Weber McCall almost since its inception. He was the first person to be hired for the field.  Mike and Doug have worked in tandem for many years and have developed all our systems and methods together.  Doug is the point man for Weber McCall who oversees day to day operations and has recently became an owner. He has a wide variety of experience and can handle any job. He lives in Davis bay with his wife and daughter. 

Jack Adams (Foreman Electrician)

Jack started with Weber McCall in January 2011 and has been an great asset to the team. He has a wide variety of work experience and skills. He thrives in problem solving and great customer service. He lives in Sechelt BC with his beautiful family of five.  

Peter Chance (Journeyman Electrician)

Peter has been with the company off and on since 2008. His family moved to Canada from the UK and he has been in the trade for most of his life. His wealth of knowledge has been great for our ever growing team.

Mike Unrau (Journeyman Electrician)

Mike has a great understanding of various aspects to our job. From renovation to custom homes and commercial experience he has proven time and time again to have every corner covered. He moved here from Vancouver with his family of four 3 years ago and has been with us ever since.

Callum Vaughn – indentured apprentice

Travis Stockwell – indentured apprentice

Andrew Strom

Devon Newman